Alican’s Practice Talk for IROS Workshop on Active Touch

PhD Student Alican Demir presented his research at an IROS 2014 workshop on “Active Touch in Animals and Robots“.

Special thanks to our collaborators, Jean-Michel Mongeau and Bob Full.

LIMBS Lab (past and present) at IROS 2014

From right-to-left Jusuk Lee (graduated 2009), Alican Demir (will graduate 2014),  Vinutha Kallem (graduated 2008), and Vinutha’s husband Pranava. What a great reunion!



Here are Vinutha and Jusuk in front of a million dollar door in Chicago:


Mert Ankarali Named 2015 Siebel Scholar


PhD candidate Mustafa Mert Ankarali has been selected to join the prestigious Siebel Scholars Class of 2015. This scholarship is awarded annually for academic excellence and demonstrated leadership to 85 top students from world’s leading graduate schools. Mert is the first Siebel Scholar from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at JHU.