Erin Sutton

erin Erin E. Sutton

Ph.D. Candidate
Mechanical Engineering

Email: [email protected]
Office: Hackerman 137C

Thesis Topics

  • Multisensory Integration in Weakly Electric Fish
  • Bioelectric Localization and Navigation for Endovascular Procedures

Academic History

Doctorate in Mechanical Engineering, Johns Hopkins University, May 2017 (expected)
Primary Advisor: Noah J. Cowan
Secondary Advisor: Nassir Navab
Master’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Johns Hopkins University, May 2016
Advisor: Noah J. Cowan
Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, University of Dayton, 2015.
Advisor: Kimberly E. Bigelow


  Journal Publications

Sutton, E.E., Demir, A., Stamper, S.A., Fortune, E.S., Cowan, N.J. “Dynamic modulation of visual and electrosensory gains for locomotor control.” Journal of the Royal Society Interface. In Press.

Taylor, M.R., Sutton, E.E., Diestelkamp, W.S., and Bigelow, K.E. “Subtle differences during posturography testing can influence postural sway results: The effects of talking, time prior to data acquisition, and visual fixation.” Journal of Applied Biomechanics. 31(5):324-329, Oct 2015.

Hoskins, R.D., Sutton, E.E., Kinor, D., Schaeffer, J.M., and Fatone, S. “Using vacuum-assisted suspension to manage residual limb wounds in persons with transtibial amputation: A case series.” Prosthetics and Orthotics International. 38(1):68-74, Feb 2014. [pdf]

Staubach, S. and Sutton, E.E.  “Maintaining function after an amputation revision: A case report.” Journal of Prosthetics and Orthotics. 25(2):95-97, Apr 2013. [pdf]

Mack, H., Sutton, E.E., and Hoskins, R.D. “Shuttle lock suspension supplemented with suction for a person with transfemoral amputation.” Journal of Prosthetics and Orthotics. 25(4):188-192, Jan 2013. [pdf]

Sutton, E.E., Hoskins, R.D., and Fosnight, T.R. “Using elevated vacuum to improve functional outcomes: A case report.” Journal of Prosthetics and Orthotics. 23(4):184-189, Nov 2011. [pdf]

Refereed Conference Papers

Fuerst, B.*, Sutton, E.E.*, Ghotbi, R., Cowan, N.J., Navab, N. “Bioelectric Navigation: A New Paradigm for Intravascular Device Guidance”. International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention. Athens, Greece. 17-21 Oct 2016.

Sutton, E.E., Stamper, S.A., Demir, A., Fortune, E.S., Cowan, N.J. “Measuring multisensory integration in weakly electric fish”. Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology Mid-Atlantic Regional Meeting. Newark, NJ. 7 Nov 2015.

Sutton, E.E., Stamper, S.A., Demir, A., Mitchell, T.R., Fortune, E.S., Cowan, N. J. “Multisensory control of locomotion in weakly electric fish.” Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology. Austin, TX. 3 Jan 2014. [pdf]

Sutton, E.E. “Rehabilitation engineering: Design of a shower transfer seat.” ASME Student Professional Development Conference. Toledo, OH. 23-25 Mar 2012.

Sutton, E.E., Kinor, D.M., Denzinger, C., Jules, A., and Bigelow, K.E. “Variations in posturography testing methods: Effects of talking, visual fixation, and time on plate on postural sway measurements.” American Society of Biomechanics. San Jose, CA. 2-5 Aug 2011. [pdf]

Sutton, E.E., Bare, D., Taylor, M., Kinor, D., Schaeer, J., Jules, A., and Bigelow, K.E. “Minimizing postural instability when carrying a load: The eects of carrying grocery bags on the elderly.” American Society of Biomechanics. Providence, RI. 3-6 Aug 2010. [pdf]

Sutton, E.E. “CAD/CAM fabrication of prosthetic limbs.” ASME Student Professional Development Conference. Grand Rapids, MI. 22-24 Mar 2011.

Sutton, Erin E., Demir, Alican, Stamper, Sarah A., Fortune, Eric S., Cowan, Noah J. (2016). Data associated with publication “Dynamic modulation of visual and electrosensory gains for locomotor control”. Version 1. Johns Hopkins University Data Archive. Dataset.