Alican Demir defends his PhD thesis


On Thursday December 11 Alican Demir presented his PhD dissertation research to a packed seminar room at Johns Hopkins. Alican joined the lab as a Freshman in 2013, performed MSE thesis research in the lab, worked as a research specialist for a few years, and then completed his PhD, so his contributions have been monumental in shaping the LIMBS laboratory over the years. Congratulations Alican!

Tactile sensing for rapid locomotion

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Short presentation at IROS 2014 by Alican Demir

Special thanks to our collaborators, Jean-Michel Mongeau and Robert J. Full.

Relevant papers:

J. M. Mongeau, A. Demir, C. J. Dallmann, K. Jayaram, N. J. Cowan, and R. J. Full. “Mechanical processing via passive dynamic properties of the cockroach antenna can facilitate control during rapid running”. J Exp Biol, 217(18):3333-3345. [pdf]

J. M. Mongeau, A. Demir, J. Lee, N. J. Cowan, and R. J. Full. “Locomotion and mechanics mediated tactile sensing: antenna reconfiguration simplifies control during high-speed navigation in cockroaches”. J Exp Biol, 216(24):4530-4541, 2013. [pdf] Highlighted in Inside JEB: Antenae’s Mechanical Role in Escaping

A. Demir, E. W. Samson, and N. J. Cowan. “A tunable physical model of arthropod antennae”. In Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), Anchorage, USA, May 3-8, 2010.

A. Demir. “A modular, tunable tactile antenna for exploring the mechanics of sensing”. Master’s thesis, Johns Hopkins University, 2009.